Festival Registration

The Vermont Bear Film Festival registration fee is $80.00 per guest plus Vermont state tax. No special pricing or day passes available. Seating is limited to 150 guests.


by purchasing a reservation you and your guests are indemnifying VTBFF and its affiliates of any COVID related incidence

Festival grounds open at 10AM on Thursday, August 25th

We will have disposable masks and hand sanitizer available for each film session

There is an additional cost of $5 per guest (per night) to camp on site, payable upon arrival. If there is an issue with the camping fee we suggest you find accommodations off festival grounds.

Registration cancellation and reimbursement policy:

  • Up to 1 month before first day of festival- 75% return
  • 1 month to two weeks before first day of festival – 50% return
  • Within two weeks before first day of festival – no return

Sorry Guys

There are no electrical hook-ups available for CPAP machines. You must provide your own power source, e.g., a battery pack.

We are animal lovers, but pets are not permitted on the festival grounds, except for our security dog Lil Bro.